How to Select a Great Real Estate Agent or Broker When Selling or Buying a Luxury Home

Owners and potential buyers of luxury homes must select the right real estate broker to avoid many pitfalls that can screw up the deal. It is vital to know how to select the right broker and what matters most when deciding to move forward with a particular broker.

A real estate, above all else, should always respect your time and privacy. However, you should always do your research – search the Internet, ask for referrals and call them for their opinions and experiences with the broker, make sure they’ve dealt with similar properties in the past and definitely spend the time to interview them and ask all the questions you may have.

Every broker will promise the stars and the sky but always go with your gut. If something isn’t right, brokers are not rare – spend the time to find the perfect one. Mark Berookim has the experience, the history of sales and the personality that has proved to be successful. Please schedule a date/time to interview Mark Berookim to understand his potential in person.