Buying Real Estate

If you are in the market to purchase a new home, whether it is a condominium or house, or even a duplex as an income property, Mark Berookim can guide you through the Los Angeles inventory and help you make the right choices. Mark Berookim is very knowledgeable and has worked with first-time buyers and experienced buyers. No piece of property is too small or too big for Mark Berookim to handle.

Selling Real Estate

Have you been holding on to a property that you have now decided to sell on the market? Mark Berookim can help you! Our team has a world of knowledge on how to match you up with the right buyer. We have a tremendous amount of experience in marketing real estate through paper magazines and online. We also have a large network of potential buyers that we can filter to present your property to the exact people who are looking for something similar.

Ready to Get Started?

Please contact Mark Berookim and schedule an in-person consultation. If you're too busy, you can even schedule a phone call to discuss all the details. We will build a plan of attack and get you in the property you've always wanted or sell your property at just the right price.